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Free Event Listing (Text Only)

Event listings (location, time, band) are FREE for events with Zydeco bands in Louisiana, Texas and the Zydeco Nation (Maximum 2 lines).


Example: (Maximum 2 lines)

  Line 1:  Jax Grill (1613 Shepherd, Houston, TX) 6pm - 10pm Cedryl Ballou & the Zydeco Trendsetters

  Line 2:  Contact Cedryl for more info @ xxx-xxx-xxx


Paid Event Listing (Text Only)


All other event listings will cost $10.00 to post: (Maximum 2 lines)

      All Around Cowboys & Cowgirls 4th Annual Trail Ride & Dance (Circle A Arena, Acres Home, TX) Friday 6pm / Saturday 2pm

         Contact: Lethal Weapon @ xxx-xxx-xxxx; Mr. Friendly @ xxx-xxx-xxxx; John Doe @ xxx-xxx-xxxx


Festival Flyer Cost: $75/Month (Non Link); $100/month (Active Link) (min $150 (No Link); $100 (Active-Link) per posting)


Event Flyer Cost The cost to post an event flyer as an advertisement is $20/month (minimum $20 per posting/ 1 sided flyer)


Event Audio Cost Event audio spots (60 second max.) are $40/month (minimum $40 per posting).

Festival/Event Video Cost Event video Spots are $100/month. (minimum $100 per posting).

Non-Zydeco Event or Business Advertisement Cost

Non-Zydeco event or business advertisements are as follows:

The cost to post a business flyer as an advertisement is $40/mon; $100/3mon; $200/6mon; $400/yr.

Business audio spots (60 second max.) are $80/mon; $200/3mon; $400/6mon; $800/yr.

Business video Spots are $160/mon; $400/3mon; $800/6mon; $1,600/yr.

How To Submit Your Ad Information

Ad information can be submitted as a picture/attachment via phone: text/image to: 281-377-1335 or email to: email@zydecoevents.com (invoice will be emailed, and can be paid via PayPal, or credit card). Please include the following when submitting request: Contact name. Phone number, email, and length of time you are requesting advertising (1 month /2 months).

**Please allow 24hour response time**

Acceptable File Formats:

Adobe Acrobat Document (*.pdf) (recommended)

JPEG Image (*.jpg) (recommended)

GIF Image (*.png) (recommended)

Microsoft Word Document (*.doc) (formatting may be lost)

Microsoft PowerPoint Document (*.ppt) (formatting may be lost)

Payments can be made by Credit Card by phone or through paypallogo (invoice is emailed, and can be paid via PayPal).

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