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zydecoIconsNews1 Grammy Hall of Fame announces 2011 inductees!

Clifton Chenier "The King of Zydeco" was Inducted Into The Grammy Hall Of Fame for the "Bogalusa Boogie" Album

CliftonChenierBogalusaBoogie BOGALUSA BOOGIE - Clifton Chenier - Arhoolie (1976)


aardoin Amede Ardoin

The first Creole to be recorded, Amede Ardoin is best remembered for his resonating, high-pitched vocals and sizzling-hot accordion playing. Although he only recorded 31 tunes, his compositions have been included in the repertoire of Cajun and zydeco bands ranging from Austin Pitre and Dewey Balfa to Beausoleil and C.J. Chenier. Iry LeJeune helped to launch a revival in Cajun music in the 1950s, when he recorded 12 of Ardoin's tunes. The great-grandson of a slave, Ardoin moved, as a child, with his family to work on the Rougeau farm in L'Anse des Rougeau near Basile. While there, he frequented the homes of his friends Adam Fontenot, who played accordion and was later the father of fiddler Canray Fontenot, and Alphonse LaFleur, who played fiddle. Together with LaFleur or Douglas Bellard, a black fiddler from Bellaire Cove.Ardoin became a frequent performer at dances, playing mostly for white audiences who paid him $2.50 per night.


cchenier Clifton Chenier

Clifton Chenier (1924-1987) was billed as "King of Zydeco", and he often donned a crown as if to prove it. The singing accordionist did not create zydeco, a credit generally given Armede Ardoin, a diatonic accordionist who in 1929 cut the first zydeco record, though he certainly codified the way this Louisiana Creole music is still played in the bayous and beyond. Born in Opelousas, Louisiana, Chenier moved zydeco away from its links to the traditional music of the neighboring Cajun community during the 1950s by infusing it with elements of rhythm and blues. His blues drenched lines on chromatic piano accordion also gave zydeco a fresh twist, as did the furiously syncopated rhythms older brother Cleveland Chenier scratched on a rubboard.


dopsie Rockin' Dopsie

Rockin' Dopsie (February 10, 1932 - August 26, 1993) was born Alton Rubin in Carencro, Louisiana. He was a leading Zydeco musician and button accordion player who enjoyed popular success first in Europe and later in the United States. If Clifton Chenier was the king of zydeco music, Rockin' Dopsie (pronounced doopsie) with his unequalled proficiency on the button accordion was its crown prince.


jd John Delafose

John Delafose was born in the rural community of Duralde, Louisiana, April 16, 1939. Starting on fiddle as a child, Delafose moved to harmonica and eventually accordion, the instrument for which he is best known, leading his zydeco band, the Eunice Playboys. He played local dances in his younger days, but retired from music after his marriage. At the age of 30 Delafose began playing again, quickly establishing his music as some of the most distinctive in the black French idiom, firmly based in the older traditions but also with contemporary ingredients. John Delafose & the Eunice Playboys have often included his own sons on a variety of instruments. He has made a number of records, the most successful being "Joe Pitre A Deux Femmes," a local hit for him in the early '80s.

John Delafose passed away in September of 1994 after a brief illness, during the aforementioned strong second wind of his musical career. He was succeeded as bandleader by his son, Geno, who carries on his father's unique style.

sidney Rockin' Sidney

Sidney Simien aka Rockin' Sidney and Count Rockin' Sidney, (April 9, 1938 - February 25, 1998) was a long-time Creole-Zydeco musician who played almost every style of music, from Caribbean beats to blues. His credits include "No Good Woman", "You Ain't Nothing But Fine", "Tell Me", and his biggest hit, "My Toot Toot", which became a worldwide phenomenon..


pxBeauJocque1997 Beau Jocque

Beau Jocque (born Andrus J. Espree, November 1, 1953 - September 10, 1999) was an American zydeco musician active in the 1990s. Beau Jocque is known for his gruff vocals, his fusion of many musical styles onto zydeco, and above all, for the powerful energy of his rhythm and sound. Backed by the Hi-Rollers, he became one of the top dance-hall acts of his musical decade. Beau Jocque died in the shower of a heart attack at the height of his career. He is buried in Saint Matildas Cemetery, Eunice, Louisiana.


pxBoozoochavis Wilson "Boozoo" Chavis

Wilson "Boozoo" Chavis (born 23 October 1930 in Lake Charles, LA and died 5 May 2001 in Austin, Texas) was a zydeco musician - music created by French speaking Creoles of South-West Louisiana. He was active from 1954 until his death during which time he largely sang and played the accordion. Chavis was also a prolific writer of zydeco songs. Many of his songs have become standards of the zydeco repertoire, in spite of, or perhaps because of, their generally idiosyncratic and quirky construction and subject matter. "If it's wrong, do it wrong, with me," he would tell his band. "If I'm wrong, you wrong, too!"



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